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Waterberg Biosphere reserve

A place that promotes the connection between people and nature

Biospheres are places around the world that manage the different needs between people, development and nature. We do this by promoting and inspiring the relationship, understanding and balance, between people and nature.

All biospheres have valuable landscapes either because they are unspoilt, they provide important services to people or they have biodiversity of conservation importance. Development should be sensitive and managed to ensure the area remains intact and not spoilt. The biosphere reserve programme is a tool to achieve this development while meeting the social needs of people.

Central to biosphere reserve idea is sustainable development. This is economic development that does not deplete the natural resources of the area. The scenic and biodiversity richness of biospheres are their main resources which support the local economy. Not depleting these resources, but using them carefully, and in a varied way, will strengthen these economies providing jobs and social improvements for people. A win-win situation, for both people and nature.

Our Vision

To be the heart of sustainable development in the Waterberg District.

Our Mission

To champion environmental education and awareness in the area and promote equitable use of natural resources.


We welcome all help – if you are interested in donating or sponsoring please get in touch via the office.


Environmental education

Environmental education is an important component to biosphere reserves because the understanding of conserving biodiversity and sustainable development is key to achieving them. 
Environmental education is thus a practical way to grow understanding and awareness.


Vast, peaceful and incredibly beautiful, the Waterberg is a fascinating destination with a rich cultural legacy and a natural splendour.

The Waterberg has often been missed by African bush safari enthusiasts’ on-route to Kruger Park and the Lowveld. 


Biodiversity/Bioprospecting/ Wildlife Economy Programme

Natural/Cultural Heritage Resource Preservation Programme

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Programme

Natural Resources Conservation/ Preservation Programme

Community Empowerment and Development Programme

What's happening?

For the first time in history, and in order to continue our essential work in the Waterberg, we are hosting a fundraiser:

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